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Relax, take some pop-corn and lie back into the best couch of your home !

A true wedding film is eternal, it will stay with you for the rest of your life and I am aware of that. My wedding films are edited like real cinema movies. They are not "clips" with a slow and cheesy music and a boring edit that will bore you after a few views.


I belong to this new school. I edit in a dynamic way, music are always very well picked (one of the compliment I receive the most) and most of all - what separates me from the others - you have a storytelling made by the closest persons of your life (you choose them before the shooting). Throught interviews I will use stories and kind words from them to build my story. 

Most of the people I am asking to speak tell me the same thing : "I am not confortable in front of a camera". Let me tell you something : I built my career with my ability to make people speak, feeling confortable with me. And forgetting the camera. The rest is them, natural. They come out of it amused, proud and ease. They just became the narrators of your movie ! 

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Films de mariage