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Joy ! Smile ! I am passionate and one of the feedback I receive the most is my good human relationships. You can tell right away on the photos : your best version of you is yourself without forcing anything.

During the photo shoot I communicate a lot and even the most quiet and shy person will live a good time with beautiful photos. 

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Wedding photos

I usually start to take photos during your preparation before the ceremonies. The bride with her bridesmaids, the groom dressing up with his suit and his witnesses. This beautiful moment when the bride dresses up with the help of her mother or her bridesmaid.

And all of these things you have prepared, like the shoes, the jewelry, the rings...

Next come the ceremony : the city hall, the religious ceremony with tears to capture, the children getting excited in weird positions on their seats...

In all these moment I am totally discreet. I am not cutting the rhythm of the ceremonies. Your photos will be authentic and faithful.

It is during the cocktail that I am interacting the most with your guests. Moment of happiness, group photos and of course a moment to take couple photos. The best time is during the golden hour at the sunset. It is a magical moment where the light is soft, warm and helps us create stunning photos. 

Communication is the key to great images.I am ware that my couples are not professionnal actors, able to show any emotion I am asking. Especially on a day like this one. 

Thanks to the big amount of wedding I shot, I could develop a sensibility and a relational ease that allows me to capture the best moments.

And ease is contagious ! Just like enthusiasm is. And just like the smile I am having with me everyday (except before 10 am).